PropTester to Present Paper at SPE ATCE in Dubai

PropTester is pleased to announce the upcoming presentation of its latest technical paper, "An Advanced Proppant Depositional Study With Post-Production Flow Evaluation In A 10’ X 20’, Transverse Fracture, Slot Flow Configuration". Authored by Donald A. Anschutz, Michelle Stribling, PropTester; Patrick J. Wildt, Consultant; Ibrahim S. Abou-Sayed, i-Stimulation Solutions, Inc.; and Jim Craig, Pedro Silva, and Luiz Curimbaba, Sintex Minerals and Services. The paper will be presented at the Society of Petroleum Engineers' 2021 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in September in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Ibrahim S. Abou-Sayed.

This paper will describe the unique experimental configuration (10'20' slow flow apparatus), outline the testing program for both proppant deposition and post-production assessments performed on the deposits, along with results that could provide better design practices leading to improved transverse fracture performance.

[caption id="attachment_637" align="alignnone" width="300"] Large Slot Flow Testing Wall[/caption]