At PropTester we have selected the top people to lead our team. Learn more about each member here.
Don Anschutz, President & CEO Don has a Geological Engineering degree from the South Dakota School of Mines and has more than 30 years in oilfield product sales experience and is published numerous technical papers.
Allan Rickards, Director of Technology Allan Rickards has a total of 35 years experience in oilfield fracturing fluid research and development that includes 15+ years in fracture proppant conductivity and regain conductivity testing, test design, and machine construction.
Mark McGill, Director of Sales and Marketing Mark is a proven sales and marketing leader with extensive knowledge of Technical Sales into the Oil and Gas industry. Mark has extensive product knowledge including Resin Coated Ceramic, Mono Sized high temperature, High Pressure ceramic and chemically infused ceramic proppants to treat well problems insitu.
David Stewart, Physical Properties Lab Manager David Stewart has been with Proptester for nearly a decade and specializes in quality control and qualification of proppants and fluids used in hydraulic fracturing.