Don Anschutz Presents Latest Paper at SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference

Recently as part of the 2023 SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference, Don Anschutz presented a paper entitled "Understanding the Shear History of Various Loadings of Friction Reducers and the Associated Impact on the Fluid's Stability, Pipe Friction Reduction, and Effect on Proppant Transport and Deposition in Both Fresh Water and Brine Base Fluid."

Taking part in one of the industry's most well-attended and technically sound conferences PropTester has been involved in this event since its inception in 2007. The conference brings in a global audience and showcases advancements in hydraulic fracturing technologies and improvements in fracture treatment designs, completion technologies, and well placement strategies.

In his presentation, Anschutz discussed the industry's ongoing push to find ways to increase completions efficiency, increase well production, and reduce cost. He highlights how unconventional completions, on average, use around 4.5 million gallons of water carrying up to 10 million pounds of frac sand. Volumes vary greatly, from under 1 million gallons of water carrying a couple of million pounds of frac sand to greater than 10 million gallons of water carrying up to 20 million pounds of frac sand. Changes in the loading of additives can significantly impact the completion costs. If implemented correctly, understanding the advantages or disadvantages of any changes made to the frac design can help with efficiency and costs. He highlights how shear stress, proppant transport, and the deposition profile change based on various loadings of commonly used Friction Reducer (FR) mixed in fresh and brine water.

If you missed it you can read the entire paper here.