PropTester, Inc. and KELRIK LLC Announce Proppant Industry Update and the Launch of

Houston, TX - PropTester and KELRIK, LLC announced the launch of, an online version of the annual Proppant Market Report.

The Proppant Market Report is a detailed overview of the global proppant market in relation to prior years and serves as a vital industry report for proppant suppliers, consumers and investors. The online version includes an interactive map and product locator that will be continuously updated for annual subscribers.

After a record breaking 135 billion-pound year in 2014, the sustained drop in energy prices has caused proppant companies, along with other oil and gas service and material companies, to significantly lower prices, reduce employment and cut both operational costs and capital budgets. The proppant industry is not immune to market cyclicality, but unprecedented growth in proppant supply prior to the downturn combined with a significant switch in proppant usage by both type and grade has resulted in substantial operational and logistical challenges throughout the supply chain. The increased number of suppliers and product capacity relative to prior industry downturns has exacerbated price instability to levels not seen since 1985/1986.

In the first half of 2015, performance was slightly better than expected in terms of total sand volumes, trending to nearly 90 percent of the levels seen in the first half of 2014. Ceramic proppant and resin-coated proppant sales have diminished significantly as a result of product substitution toward lower cost, uncoated sand. Although improvements in the third quarter (3Q) of 2015 are expected for sand, optimism for a sustained recovery for all proppant types through 4Q 2015 is now unlikely. Continuation of low energy prices and significantly reduced E&P capital budgets will impede 4Q 2015 performance, particularly in comparison to a robust 4Q 2014 which was largely unaffected by traditional seasonality.

The new website,, offers a digital copy of the existing report for customers, along with access to an interactive map outlining information including location, current capacity and other central information on over 100 current proppant suppliers. “Customers are needing specific proppant quality within a reduced price band in close proximity to the well site or transport corridor. This website is designed to be an evolving tool to better allow our customers to be updated throughout the year on proppant supply options and status,” explained Ian Renkes, co-author and Manager of Operations and Business Development at PropTester, Inc. “In addition to various sand, ceramic and resin-coating plants being idled or delayed, we still continue to see new proppant ventures enter the marketplace.”

The Proppant Market Report is produced by PropTester, Inc. and KELRIK, LLC. The contributing authors have over 100 years of direct experience in the production, testing, sale and use of all types of proppants. All customers who purchase the Proppant Market Report have access to the website at no additional cost. For further information, please contact Michelle Stribling or Amanda Chavey at (888)-756-2112 or visit


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